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Welcome to the home of mcm-f-access. This was a project started out of necessity to eliminate a flat-file record system the Charles A. Wustum Museum used for years. It was growing, and became unmanageable.

This package will require that at least MS Access be installed on the target machine, and if you want to utilize the label templates it produces, you will also need MS Word. I'm not sure if it is possible to simply use the Access run-time and Word viewer, but if you think that this project may help you, check it out. You can, of course, avoid the runtime issues by simply going to TechSoup, a great resource for non-profits. You can buy the Office Suite now for $17.50 per machine, if you qualify.

Database Features:

This is a good, IMHO, example of a BIG hack of the Northwind database example. There is lots of original and borrowed code ( Thanks, Dev Ashish ).

Feel free to contact me, John Croson if you have specific questions. I will do my best to answer them, since I know my code could be commented better *blush*, and I'm a poor documenter.