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Installation of this project is quite easy. Simply download the zip file, and extract it to a directory of your choosing.

Example Setup

Our setup is as follows:
Place the entire bundle on a shared folder on your file server. The file "RAM_DB.mdb" is the front-end. "RAM_DB_be.mdb" is the back-end. Use your server tools to push the front-end to the clients. I placed ours in the root of the users Office installation directory, and then used Kixtart to compare the date of that file to the one on the server, if the servers was newer, I must have changed it, so copy the newer one over the old one on the users workstation. The "RAM Artists Database.lnk" was pushed to the users desktop, in this case a common one also housed on the file server ( Linux ).

Run the program by opening the RAM_db.mdb file (hold down the shift button to get design mode, I didn't disable that), or you can distribute something similar to the "RAM Artists Database" link, but you must first modify it to reflect the proper path to your database, and a *new* workgroup file you should create. Read the SECFAQ.doc for more info on that. You may also want to modify some of the forms and reports to reflect your logos, branding, etc.

File Descriptions